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Rinjani  information centre is an official trekking  mount Rinjani, and we are licenced and experienced Rinjani tour company with friendly team as our local porter and our local guide engglish speacking with good experienced. We are here since 1998 and our homebase at Sembalun village and one of our representative is at Senaru village we are the real tour organizer and not the midlleman we will take care of our service all including your trekking incurance and your guide porter foods and drink equipments on the mountain and all of your documents on the trek with us 

Thank you very much for taking your time for  visiting our local comunity website and we believe you will give a good response because we are here to help local communities to promote our local products such as authentic local woven fabrics such as sarongs, wallets, hats and others in every purchase of our trekking packages you will get one of the gifts of woven cloth or other prizes as a sign of your participation to help the local community in Senaru and Sembalun

Most popular trekking activities

Mount Rinjani trekking can be done from 6 official trekking gates such as Sembalun, Senaru, Torean, Timbanuh, Tetebatu and Aik Berik, but to reach the top of Rinjani 3726 Masl. and Lake of Segara Anak only start from 3 main routes: Sembalun, Senaru and Torean. Our trekking package prioritizes climbing to the most popular and beutiful view to the top of Rinjani, Segara Anak Lake, Plawangan Senaru and a new trip to the second summit the Mount Sangkareang 3,300 m.

Majestic Senaru Second summit 3300m

Rinjani Trekking Package to Crater rim 2 days 1 night package start from Senaru village to the crater rim, and return to Senaru village at the next day.

Incredible Sembalun Summit Trek 3726m

Mount Rinjani Trek to Summit 2 days 1 night package start from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, summit and next day back to Sembalun.

The Most Challaging Trekking Start Sembalun

Hiking Mount Rinjani 3 days 2 nights Summit and Segara Anak lake package starting from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, summit, Lake and down to Senaru village.

Explore All Trekking Destination Start Sembalun

Trekking Mount Rinjani 4 days 3 nights Summit and Lake Segara Anak starting from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, summit, Lake and descend to Senaru village.

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Frequently asked question

Climbing Rinjani is tough; but anyone in reasonable shape should be able to manage. Porters will be provided throughout the climb but you are expected to carry your own personal daypack of less than 8 kilograms. Normal trekking throughout except for some scrambling towards the summit. No rock climbing or technical climbing skills are needed. Summit sunrise climb is entirely optional, climbers who would like to conserve their energy instead could choose to have a longer rest and wait for their teammates at the crater rim..

Any time during the dry months from April to November. The mountain is closed for hiking during the rainy season from December to March.

The typical route which covers the crater rims, summit and lake takes 3D2N to cover. The trekking durations are: Day 01 ~ 8 hrs; Day 02 ~ 11 hrs; Day 03 ~ 10 hrs. (Timings are estimated and depends on the individual trekker’s physical stamina and conditions

The summit day is on Day 02 of the trek. You will wake up around 2-3am for the summit climb. It takes about 3-4 hrs to reach the summit (for sunrise if you can reach on time) and another 3 hours to descend back to the camp site. If you do not wish to attempt the summit climb, you may stay at the camp site to wait for the summiteers to return.

The temperature in the day is around 15 – 25 degree Celsius at and below the rims. At night, the temperature at the Rim is usually below 10 degree Celsius. At times, it can be near freezing especially towards the summit.

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